TEDxYouth@Singapore returns after a five-year hiatus

Creating the Future of Us: 100% youth-curated, TEDxYouth@Singapore gathers diverse, thought-provoking, trailblazing perspectives and voices for youth-oriented event


Singapore, 14 August 2019 – Drawing from the life experiences of home-grown speakers this coming September.

Themed “Future of Us”, this year’s event approaches a topic close to the hearts of the youth in Singapore – the future. The event aims to inspire the youth through stories of fortitude, gallant endeavours, innovation and experimentation. A collective effort by a team of dedicated volunteers and passionate speakers, the event reflects the belief that small acts can shape big realities.

“The theme Future of Us is well-aligned with *SCAPE’s vision of empowering our youth and preparing them to be future-ready. We are excited to be part of this ground-up youth movement and hope the youths attending this event will be even more inspired by the possibilities that the future holds,” said Mr Goh Kok Wee, Executive Director, *SCAPE Co., Ltd.

*SCAPE is the lead sponsor and host for TEDxYouth@Singapore and its production. The event, which will be held on 14th September 2019, 10AM-6PM, is also supported by the Young ChangeMakers (YCM) grant. Administered by the National Youth Council, the YCM grant scheme aims to support youth-initiated projects that benefit the Singapore community and society.

TEDxYouth@Singapore will bring together 18 outstanding speakers who have created a brighter and better future for themselves and their communities. Some notable individuals include Former Class 95 DJ Simone Heng; actress, artist and advocate for sexual assault awareness, Devika Panicker; and Paralympic Medal Winner with the Singapore Cerebral Palsy Football Team, Hitesh Ramchandani. Together with the speakers, the team invites the audience to envision and create a future that is empowered by knowledge and fuelled by passion.

“I am absolutely humbled & thrilled to be part of TEDxYouth@Singapore. I look forward to seeing the masterpiece come to life after 7 months of planning. I am super grateful for the opportunity to be part of this amazing team,” said Miss Andrea Ang, TEDxYouth@Singapore Volunteer, Singapore Polytechnic, 21 years old.

With the youth volunteer recruitment by *SCAPE, this event has gathered and benefitted more than 50 like-minded youth advocates like Andrea. This event has also created a platform to connect youths and inspire creative ideas and conversations.

TEDXYouth@Singapore 2019 covers three broad themes: eXtraordinary and eXceptional, the great eXpectations, and eXpress and eXperiment.


a. eXtraordinary and eXceptional

In this selection of talks, the speakers share their eXtraordinary stories of fortitude. They have conquered the curveballs life has thrown at them and truly embody the quintessential qualities of resilience and grit. Give them your attention as they bring you on their eXceptional journeys, from scaling the mountains to rebuilding a life after a close shave from death. Today, these eXceptional and eXtraordinary individuals with even bigger stories to tell challenge you to dream big and bold for your future.


b. the great eXpectations

How do we make our eXpectations a reality? In this selection of talks, speakers from diverse fields and professions share with you their great eXpectations and how they have made their eXpectations a reality for themselves. They invite you to think of your own eXpectations and envision a future of your own through theirs. Expect to discover the importance of human connection in everyday life; see life through the lens of food with a colorectal surgeon; step into the shoes of someone who fulfilled a dream that was not his to begin with; challenge your expectations of being ‘plan-less’; and think from the perspective of a chef who is committed to reducing food waste through artificial intelligence.


c. eXpress and eXperiment

Avant-garde. Unconventional. Free-spirited. A deviant or a trailblazer? These speakers defy definitions and categories and thrive in the realms beyond conventions. They are eXperimental with the mediums through which they tackle big topics such as grief and mental health, and have forged their unique identities through eXpressing themselves in unconventional ways. This selection of talks brings to you an eclectic collection of stories, reflecting the abundant possibilities that exist out there. Through these stories, the speakers urge you to get your hands dirty – be eXperimental with your future and eXpress who you are!


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