In this selection of talks, the speakers share their eXtraordinary stories of fortitude. They have conquered the curveballs life has thrown at them. From rebuilding from scratch a life after a close shave with death, defying all odds to achieve a Paralympic dream despite physical limitations, to embracing forgiveness and kindness towards one’s perpetrator, these eXceptional individuals with even bigger stories to tell truly embody the quintessential qualities of resilience and grit. Today, they challenge you to dream big and bold for your future.

Host: Jamie Yeo
TV/Radio Presenter, Host, Emcee and Voiceover Talent

14th September 2019 | 1045hrs to 1215hrs

Session 1: eXtraordinary and eXceptional



A 10-year-old’s Insight into Being Your Best

It is not every day that we come across a 10-year-old athlete. Since seven, Minejima-Lee Kai has been competing in Indoor Skydiving competitions. An eXtraordinary boy, Kai has learned a few things on how we should think, feel and behave from his numerous experiences. From having positivity to learning from our mistakes, Kai will share how having the right spirit will push us to success.

The Demons Need a Hug

As a seven-year-old, Devika Panicker went through an experience that would go on to shape the work she currently does for her community. She shares her eXceptional journey where she confronted her trauma, and in the process developed a beautiful philosophy of empathy and kindness. Devika believes firmly in the power of empathy. Many of us underestimate the importance of having empathy and the gift of forgiving people. However, Devika believes it is only with empathy that we find within ourselves that can help us establish an understanding and connection with others.

Moving Mountains with Compassion

Everyone has a mountain they must climb in order to achieve their dreams. However, with every mountain comes its own obstacles. Mountaineering is not an easy feat to achieve, and to be able to scale mountains while keeping to a vegan lifestyle is almost mission impossible. However, Kuntal Joisher is here to prove that being a vegan will not and does not stop you from climbing even the highest mountains in the world. With determination, discipline, and passion, we too, can overcome our own mountains.

Quarter Life Well-Lived

Since young, we are taught that we are only given one life; once our time is up, we will not be given a second chance. This is not the case for Jason YOLT. Unlike the rest of us, he has an eXtraordinary document – one that declares his official death. Yet, here he is to share why what we choose to do in our single life counts. Jason has learnt that discovering our purpose in life is key to living a fulfilling life. If we live like “You Only Live Twice”, we could achieve unlock many more possibilities and greatness in your lives.

Sport Shaped My Life

Aleksandar Duric had a tumultuous childhood. As a young boy witnessing the violence of the Yugoslav Civil Wars, he turned to sports to seek comfort. Growing up in this manner, he became a self-assured and resilient individual for he trained himself to keep his sight on what drives him forward. Football motivated Aleksandar during the tough times and strengthened his positive mindset. To others, football may just simply be another ball sport, but for Aleksander, it was a sport that shaped his life in more ways than one.